The Wadi represent an association of tribes of around 2,000 humans that wander the Sirch Plains south of Briarwood. They are a resourceful and smart people, and while they do understand civilization and what it can offer, they believe their way of life essential in maintaining their sense of community. To them, life is more natural and ultimately more fulfilling on the plains.

The Wadi possess advanced understanding of herbal medicine and willingly trade their herbal preparations with urban dwellers for textiles, foodstuffs, and armaments they can’t get on the plains. They also trade tools made of obsidian from Mount Hunlan which have become something of a status symbol for the rich in recent years.

They Wadi produce strong warriors skilled with spear and bow. They also possess an advanced understanding of arcane magic, particular enchantments. It is the primary responsibility of the medicine men to use this magic to aid in the defense of the tribe and guide those on the path to deep spiritual awakening.

The Wadi pay respects to many gods, depending on the situation, but they most closely align themselves to The Song, which they consider to be the voice of their people. They believe The Song is ready to speak to any Wadi and guide them to good action, if only they will push past themselves and listen. As a result, the Wadi pity braggarts and those that overestimate their import.

The Wadi have engaged in skirmishes with the tribes of the Dark Guide Goblins to the east off an on for many years. The goblins claim the Wadi occupy, and therefore desecrate, the burial ground of one of their dead gods. This conflicts with their own history, so the Wadi do not feel obliged to move. They’ve tried for peaceful resolution, but the goblins will hear none of it.


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