Copperwell is a small town in Briarwood that had a rather infamous mining accident thirty years ago. The official story is that the miners hit a gas pocket in the mine that caused an explosion and an earthquake of some strength. All of the miners were killed and only a few of the bodies were able to be recovered. The king decreed that no more mines shall be dug in the area in case they cause more earthquakes.

The town’s population now consists mostly of trappers, people that have always lived there, and those that find it necessary to live on the frontier for financial or legal reasons. Normally a town such as Copperwell would have faded away after losing its main industry, but the town is lucky enough to be situated on a well traveled stretch of the King’s Road. Merchants and bodyguards are a common sight in town and have helped the small town stay afloat these past thirty years.

Broken Night Barroom: get drinks, stay the night, pick up a bounty

Blacksmith run by a dwarf

Shrine to Pelor: Human Priest

Scrag Bloodaxe Half-Orc merchant


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