Briarwood acts as a border to the kingdom with the area beyond being an untamed wilderness. There are a few frontier towns spread throughout its wood, but none of them are of very significant size. The wood gets its name from the thorny plants that try to keep travelers out. Anyone who tries to make a path through the woods will quickly find their path being crowded by large briars that seem to lean over and snare at anyone walking near. The liveliness of the plants has been attributed to the close connection to the Feywild.

There is only one path that does not get regularly encroached on by the briars. The King’s Road is a rough cobblestone road that goes from the northern end of the forest to the southern end. It twists about the mountainous forested terrain serving as a lifeline to the few towns that are in the wood.

Weather and Geography:

The Briarwood is a temperate, old growth forest. The forest consists mostly of large deciduous trees with plenty of space between them. However, if a party mistreats the wood or strays far from the King’s Road they will quickly find any camp or trail they make beset on all sides by briars that seem to grow from nothing. They also may find roots grabbing at their feet and limbs plummeting from the treetops. The forest hasn’t always been so hostile, but especially in recent years it has been growing malevolent. Locals and those skilled in woodcraft largely avoid these problems without much conscious effort. The terrain is very rocky and it is common to find gaping chasms that lead down into the earth or towering stone buttresses that push toward the sky.


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