Paklo Golthak

Yells and hits stuff


Character Sheet

Race – Goliath
Class – Barbarian
Level – 1



Paklo comes from the ThunderRock Tribe in Harpy’s Head Mountains near Briarwood. The tribe was fairly peaceful for a Goliath Tribe; only warring with the Giant slavers and neighboring Goilaths when provoked. Paklo was a liaison of sorts; descending the mountains to work and trade with the Dwarves below. He actually requested this duty to learn more about the Dwarves, and as a result is very knowledgable of the Dwarven language.

After one of Paklos trips to the Dwarven mining town of Bantor things had changed. A younger, more bloodthirsty group of Goliaths Paklo grew up with had taken over the tribe. After hearing the new leader’s plans to raid the Dwarven town, and attack the Giants head on, Paklo fled. He warned his Dwarf blacksmith friend Jimli of the impending danger his tribe posed on Bantor and continued his way down the mountain out of reach of his former tribe.


Paklo is very curious and loves to touch things and try to figure out how they work. He is very thirsty for knowledge of the lowlands He is friendly and loyal, but has a very bad temper when he feels threatened. He also can come off as a bit thick, but is actually quite bright. He has an affinity for the military weapons developed by the Dwarves, most likely acquired through all his dealings with them.

Physically Paklo is quite large at 7’ tall and 282 lbs, but is considered small in his tribe. He bears the mark of his tribe on his left and right arms; A clouded mountain top with a lightning bolt striking the the base from his shoulders down to his elbows. He is also quite lean and muscular from his treks up and down the mountain.

Paklo Golthak

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