N'Longa is of the Wadi people, a young medicine man and practitioner of arcane magic.


Character Sheet

Race – Human
Class – Mage (Enchanter)
Level – 1


N’Longa is a young medicine man of the Wadi.

It is not uncommon for young medicine men to be tasked with quests that take them away from the tribe for some time. N’Longa has recently been charged with fulfilling a dying man’s wish, a Wadi custom. Tarik’r visited the town of Copperwell, near Briarwood, over 30 years ago to conduct trade. He got into an argument with a miner who beat him and stole the talisman his father gave him. Tarik’r tried to get it back, but was thwarted and eventually gave up.

Now, on his death bed, he asks to see it one last time. N’Longa travels to Copperwell to track it down. He’s excited to be traveling on his own, and unlike some members of his tribe, sees the chance to interact with the city dwellers as an opportunity.

Though only 24, N’Longa possesses great wisdom – wisdom many look past when exposed to his friendly and trusting nature. Those that would consider him naive usually don’t understand that his lack of concern for money or prestige affords him a kind of openness most people would perceive a weakness. To the Wadi, this is a sure sign of great strength.

In dangerous situations, he strives to be the voice of caution and reason. Insult his people or abuse innocents in front of him though, and he is quick to take action. He sees those possessed of evil as deranged animals to be put down for their own good and the good of others.

Physical Description
He’s about six feet tall and 185 pounds. He’s not very muscular, but carries little fat. He has dark eyes and dark hair he keeps in short dreads. He has a strong brow line, strong nose, and wide, angular chin. He has a great smile, which he displays easily. His hands feature fairly extensive burn scars, a price paid for his advanced wisdom.

He dresses in the clothes of his stations among his people – pale green and brown pants, tunic, and robes. He carries a staff carved with the poetry of his people for defense.


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