Charyou Tree


Character Sheet

Race – Wilden
Class – Cleric
Level – 1


Wilden Mythology

The grove was where the tree called Dancer grew. Eladrin visited Dancer once each season to watch the sway of its branches to learn insights and secrets in those gentle movements. They came away at peace, rejuvenated by Dancer’s wordless grace.
The world darkened a little when Starngatha the hag learned of Dancer. Starngatha wondered how a mere tree could be the inheritor of wisdom of the sort attributed to Dancer. The tree’s lineage couldn’t save it when Starngatha came to the grove. The hag hewed every tree but Dancer and fed it to a mighty fire, chanting all the while as she gathered up her power. As the last of Dancer’s siblings burned up, the hag turned her attention to the remaining yew tree. She called for the power of Dancer to show itself, and not in the swaying of branches or the sound of wind whispering through leaves. She wanted to rip the knowledge complete from Dancer’s woody limbs and know it all in an instant.

None of the imprecations and threats Starngatha screamed had any effect on Dancer. Even cutting off choice branches and feeding them to the fire didn’t startle the tree into any sort of action, except for perhaps the tiniest of shivers. The hag finally flew into a rage at the tree’s mute indifference and hewed it to the earth as she’d done with every other growing thing in the grove.

Dancer’s three seedlings quickened in that moment, called in equal parts by Starngatha’s magic, her senseless desecration of the grove, andthe outrage and fear of the fleeing fey creatures that
rippled away from where Dancer’s lonely stump remained.
The seedlings swelled and transformed, and from them were birthed three fully conscious individuals: three wilden, the very first of a new race. One seedling had eyes and leaves of white; this one recalled a hint of Dancer’s guile. Jagged spurs protruded from the skin of another, and its eyes were black; this wilden embodied the wrath of the grove over Starngatha’s senseless destruction. The final wilden was hardest to see, because its body was camouflaged with woodland patterns and its eyes were green. It possessed a yearning to hunt down all desecrators, beginning with the hag.


The grove still holds wisdom and magic for the wilden. But, about a century ago, a man in black led a dark army into the grove. They built a tower over the very spot where Dancer had been burned. The wilden, with the help of the eldarin, have tried for decades to repel the army and demolish the tower. The tower is protected by some sigil, some magic that draws it’s power from a distant land.

Charyou had grown into a wise detective and formidable Leader amongst his tribe. The elders tasked him finding the source of the protective magic and destroying it. He has traveled for innumerable seasons. Crossed countless leagues and had many allies. All have been left behind or died as he followed the Beam, the vapor trail of protective magic. When he first started, he thought he would be able to report back to his people and return with an army of his own. At this point, with so much time spent traveling, he knows he must destroy the source himself.

He entered Copperwell with a Half-Elf Rogue. As the adventurers passed through, they did not interact, but walked steadfast in the one direction. When they reached the other side of town, they stopped and appeared to have lost their way. They have set up camp on the (western) portion of town and make daily trips to the forest on that side of Copperwell.

(Something is hiding the Beam here in Copperwell. Charyou is searching for the Beam or for the magic that is hiding it from him.)

Charyou Tree

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